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Week 1

EYCL season kicked off with great start. Neither the rain the day before nor the gusty winds the day of the game could hold the teams to come out and showcase their talents.

Numbers speak for the way the games progressed. 3 scores of 50+, and 7 innings of 25+ showed the batting brilliance. 5, 4,and 3 wicket hauls proved that even bowlers had their day on the field.

How coincidental it is that, two different teams in the opening games batting first setting up the same target for chasing teams (207 in 50 overs).


  • For CricMax Crushers Prannav Chettipalayam played an well paced innings scoring 59.

  • He is well supported with a partnership of 75 runs with Siddarth Kappa (33)

  • Chasing CricMax Crushers 206 target, Mannan Saini from Starsports Smashers played a balanced innings of 57 runs. He build wonderful partnerships of 48 with Deepesh Mukherjee (30) and 92 runs partnership with Vishrut Kannan (37 not out)

  • DreamCricket Warriors had an decent outing with contributions of 44 by Vaibhav Suresh, 41 by Anirudh Immanuel, 31 by Sai Indraneel Keerty and 21 by Arjun Vajjalla

  • CricMax Destroyers opening batsman Pranav Rao had a great outing by a flawless innings of 66 in 69 balls. He is part of two partnerships, 43 for 1st wicket and 59 with Yasir Mohammad (30). Pranav's stoke play, rotation of strike and running between wickets is pleasure to watch

  • For StarSports Smasher Yashashwi Gautom had excellent spell picking 4 wickets

  • Siddarth Kappa from CricMax Crushers is very economical and put pressure with his 10 overs 20 runs and 4 maidens.

  • Nayan Elamurugan challenged batsman with his turn and picked up 3 wickets for CricMax Destroyers.

  • Abhishek Acharya of DreamCricket is the game changer and took his team to victory with 5 wicket haul.

Man of the Match

  • Prannav Chettipalayam from CricMax Crushers

  • Abhishek Acharya from Dreamcricket

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